Rick Santorum for President 2016

Advertisement Final

Advertisement Final

Rick Santorum’s campaign team recently put together a political advertisement to showcase our candidate and his policies. Check it out below on YouTube!


Interview with Senator Rick Santorum

Our candidate, Rick Santorum, recently met with Fox News correspondents to discuss the upcoming election. Take a look at this exclusive interview on Fox News!


Fox News reporter, Grant Fjastad, sat down for an interview with presidential candidate, Senator Rick Santorum, on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

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A Desperate Distraction

This past Saturday, President Obama signed an agreement with Iran and six other UN nations, in which they attempted to impede the progress of the Iranian Nuclear program. President Obama stated that this was a major victory, and possibly the largest step made in the last decade in slowing this program. But what did this agreement actually accomplish? Our nation paid billions of dollars and unfroze Iranian assets, and yet all we have received in return are cursory inspections and rollbacks on non-essential programs. Despite the major ground made in establishing diplomacy with Iran (this being the first piece of legislation in thirty-four years), president Obama gave Iran many concessions.

Senator Santorum stated that, “Up to this point, the Iranian government has failed to comply with every U.N. resolution and every agreement having to do with the development of their nuclear program. Their government lies about everything from internal security to treatment of minorities, like Christians. And they have not altered their rhetoric concerning their desire to eliminate the state of Israel or, for that matter, destroy the West.”*

Despite the international upheaval created from this agreement, Santorum also believes that this topic is merely a distraction from the recent failures of Obamacare. “What happened this weekend is an act of a desperate President who is willing to abandon our allies in the Middle East just so he can change the political narrative of continuing failure here at home. The failure continues..”*


Rick Santorum meets with reporters outside of his campaign headquarters on Monday, November 25, 2013

*Quotes from CNN article here

Advertisement Script

Hi, I’m Rick Santorum, and I’m here to discuss some major issues concerning the future of the American people and why I would be the best candidate to restore faith and more importantly UNITY in the American dream! (said while pointing finger at camera)

(Standing in front of a school)

        Your child’s formal education should be decided by YOU, not by the government. Decisions made through the consensus of family, will help restore unity in the family and create greater opportunities for the child/student (maddy: choose which you think fits best). We need to start putting parents first, which will ultimately put students first. (point at camera again)

(In front of church)

I dont believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute. The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and visions of our country. (<—–the first part of this,is a direct quote from Rick Santorum). People of faith need to play an active role in the upkeep of this country. (said while pointing finger at camera)

(In front of hospital)

        As a man of God, I support the people of faith in their argument against obamacare as it is seen as a sin in the eyes of the catholic church. We need to restore America by giving all citizens the freedom to choose a health care provider that does NOT force them to franchise contraception. Decisions should be made by individuals and their physicians, not the government. (said while pointing finger at camera)

(In front of a house)

      The radical feminist succeeded in undermining the traditional family and convincing women that personal accomplishments are the key to personal happiness (<—–the first part of this,is a direct quote from Rick Santorum). As explained in my book “It Takes A Family”, the family home is the heart of American society, and it’s time we get back to our American traditions and values. Vote for Rick Santorum and these restore faith in the American dream.


SFLA William Wilberforce Leadership Award

This past summer, Senator Santorum graciously accepted the 2013 SFLA William Wilberforce Leadership Award. This award represents the struggle of pro-life advocates fighting for the rights of unborn children across the nation. Rick and his family were present at the ceremony and upon receiving this award, Rick delivered the passionate and heartfelt speech in this video.

This award exemplifies Senator Santorum’s stance on abortion and unborn children’s rights. He has pledged to fight and protect these rights, and above all else he wants to provoke conversation and righteous thought upon this issue. In his own words, “[I] simply won’t give up!”

On behalf of Senator Santorum and the campaign staff, we would like to thank the SFLA for their honor and support. God bless.

Rick Santorum visits UC Davis

Last week Rick Santorum and his staff visited the University of California, Davis campus as part of a student outreach program to generate interest and support in his campaign among college students. While there, he visited many campus sites and met with several student groups to discuss his policies on higher education. He is scheduled to visit the other UC campuses in the next few months, and looks forward to each one.


Remembering Our Veterans



Santorum took a break from his campaign trail to honor those who have protected this great nation. Here, Santorum is seen alongside Vietnam Veteran Dale Haunsburg at the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester, Minnesota.

* Picture courtesy of NY Times.

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